Some Great Reads for the Commute

Here’s several great 99¢ reads, novellas, perfect for the commute—be it a plane, train, or carpool. Something for everybody!


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Just click the image to buy the Amazon Kindle version. You’ll be reading the story in 60 seconds!


Click the book cover to buy BLADE MAN for the Amazon Kindle. Just 99¢

Click the book cover to buy BLADE MAN for the Amazon Kindle. Just 99¢

Blade Man by Edison McDaniels —Just 99¢!
What if you were driving a desolate North Dakota highway in a hundred year storm and the only other car on the highway was…wrong? If this doesn’t leave you tense & breathless, check your pulse. Consider that a prescription.



Click the book cover to buy JUICING OUT for the Amazon Kindle. Just 99¢

Juicing Out by Edison McDaniels —Just 99¢!
A surgeon must make the most difficult cut of his life—or die trying. A steep descent into the ordered but claustrophobic mind of a surgeon. Good luck getting out again. A first class medical thriller.


Buy THE BOTTOM OF THE 5TH for the Kindle

Click the image to buy THE BOTTOM OF THE 5TH for the Kindle, Just 99¢

The Bottom of the 5th—Just 99¢
Cooper loved the game of baseball—and then the bottom of the 5th changed everything. A remarkable story of the miracles surrounding a little boy on the opening day of the Little League baseball season. Inspirational—and heart-breaking.


Killing King

Click the book cover to buy SAVING KING for the Amazon Kindle. Just 99¢

Saving King by Edison McDaniels —Just 99¢!
An assassin’s bullet took his life in April 1968. Read this dramatic minute by minute account of the 64 minute struggle to save the great man’s life. A look at the trauma system in 1968 with a few notes about today as well. Graphic in its detail, intense in its telling.


NOATW Print Cover

Click the book cover to buy NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE for the Amazon Kindle. Just $4.99!

Not One Among Them Whole by Edison McDaniels —a full length novel for just $6.99!
Unique in its perspective, an audacious novel told from the viewpoint of the surgeons struggling amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital at the Battle of Gettysburg.

The flies.

The blood.

The wounds.

The men.

The surgeons.

The embalmers.

The insanity.

It is the summer of 1863, and the greatest battle ever fought on American soil is in full tilt. Southern Pennsylvania has become one great grinding stone and thousands of dead or dying are its grist. In this tilted landscape, reputations are made, careers are ruined, and men and women are driven to the brink in the wake of two armies intent on killing one another. Yet opportunity is everywhere…

For the privates and officers who fight the battle, it’s a kill or be killed world, with salvation or damnation just a bullet away…

For one undertaker in particular, the dead are a canvas, and his ability to make a body reflect the living individual is nothing short of uncanny. For Jupiter Jones, the burgeoning dead themselves are the opportunity…

And finally, for one teenage former slave, alive only because his father had the courage to bury him, opportunity comes in the form of a ten-year-old boy with a creel and only one shoe, who may or may not be a ghost…

In the summer of 1863, humanity itself is under siege. What happens amid the carnage and human flotsam of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, will be unholy, unnerving, and all but unbearable, with only this certain: not one among them will escape unscathed.

Here, hell is in session.

And it’s the devil’s own day.

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