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“…resembles The Killer Angels and Cold Mountain, and its artistry rivals those great novels…a terrific achievement.”
—David Poyer, author of A Country of Our Own and The Shiloh Project, on Not One Among Them Whole

“An amazingly talented writer.” —Taylor Polites, author of The Rebel Wife

great pacing and vivid characterization, with a gift for writing convincing dialogue. Original and unsettling.”
—FG Cottam, author of The Colony & The Magdalena Curse

The author at work.

The author at work.

“I would give this book 6 stars if I could.” —D. Buxman, a Top 1000 Reviewer on Amazon, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole

“Author McDaniels is a surgeon and he takes you there, takes you into the heat of battle and introduces you to the horrors that were Gettysburg.” —P.B. Sharp, a Top 500 Reviewer on Amazon, giving 5 stars to Not One Among Them Whole

“Edison McDaniels won’t let you down. Gripping.” —Dennis Kriesel reviewing The Burden at

“Think Stephen King meets Michael Crichton…” —Bill Glose, book editor of Virginia Living, reviewing The Burden

“Despite the death and decay that permeate the novel, it is a compelling read, largely because of the skill with which McDaniels unfolds his characters’ stories…” Brid Nowlan, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole for IndieReader

“At once a page turning thriller…one can’t help but think of Stephen King, as the story’s rich cast of exquisitely rendered characters grapple with evil, beauty, and the depths of grief and hope.” —Tim Farrington, author of The Monk Downstairs, after reading The Burden

“…a top-notch story that allows the reader to experience the trauma and raw barbarian world of the civil war. It’s a totally cool, modern book on our country’s history. Loved it.” —Kimberlee Smith, novelist, giving 5 stars to Not One Among Them Whole at Amazon

“The writing is crisp, the dialogue is engaging and the plot lines are intricately woven and wonderfully timed.” —D. Buxman, a Top 1000 Reviewer on Amazon, reviewing Not One Among Them Whole & giving it 5 stars

“Once I started, I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the journey.”—From a review of Blade Man, a novella