The Chiari Malformations


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by Edison McDaniels, MD


The Chiari malformation, also known as Arnold-Chiari (a misnomer), is actually a series of increasingly severe abnormalities at the base of the skull, in the region of the foramen magnum, involving displacement of brain tissue into the spinal canal (where it does not belong).

This monograph discusses the different types of Chiari Malformation in a relatively simplistic way, including treatment options.


Author’s note: This is not an exhaustive treatment of Chiari. It’s a brief, informative, interesting, and I hope useful summation of some of the more common questions I have been asked repeatedly over the years. There are many longer, much more exhaustive books on Chiari. This, however, will answer most of your questions. And it is written with the lay person in mind, in clear, concise english.


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