Drunken Fireworks by Stephen King Reviewed


Not His Best Work. 

Edison McDaniels Reviews Drunken Fireworks by Stephen King.

For sheer storytelling prowess there’s nobody better than Stephen King. That said, this ain’t one of his better efforts. The storytelling isn’t bad, but the story itself doesn’t go anywhere. And, unlike most of King’s work, this is as predictable as the hands of a clock ticking inexorably forward—you know exactly where it’s going to go.
One thing I found interesting—and was less than crazy about—was the narration. This is an audiobook folks, and only available in audio. The tone and accent of the narration is thus a fundamental element of the story. That’s ok, except IMHO it’s way over the top. I lived down the street from King in Bangor, Maine for a year and I can tell you he must have found the most pronounced Maine accent he could for this narration. It takes some getting used to in the beginning. Not really sure why this was necessary, as the story itself is a generic one that could be found in any USA town with a lake and package store.
Although polished, there’s nothing special here and one wonders if it would have seen the light of day had a lesser name submitted it.
Fans of Stephen King, who have made him a very wealthy man over the years, deserve better. If you get a chance to listen for free go ahead. Otherwise pass.

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