Heather Harlen: Hope You Guess My Name


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“Ms. Harlen captures the heartbeat (and cholesterol) of Northeastern Pennsylvania in her expertly plotted thriller. I loved the reluctant gumshoe—spunky and fallible Marina Konyeshna—with her weakness for pocketbooks and shoes, and went to sleep wondering what on earth she could get herself—and her family and friends—into next.”
— Sara Pritchard, author of HELP WANTED, FEMALE

There’s no place like home…especially when it’s the center of a horrific criminal enterprise.

Event planner Marina Konyeshna is a tomboy in peep toe pumps who can plan both elegant soirees and adrenaline-pumping skydiving birthday parties. Unfortunately, her quarter-life crisis is in full swing: she’s crashing on the sofa bed in her mom’s basement, her career at Prestige Events is veering toward disaster and her Adderall prescription needs to be refilled but she’s low on cash. 

To make matters worse, Marina witnesses a terrifying assault and discovers the body of a young girl on the banks of the Susquehanna River. It’s soon clear the two events are related, but she’s forced into silence by the thugs responsible. 

Enter a mysterious and gorgeous client from Turkey. Arman Ocalan, a wealthy construction company owner, takes Marina out on a date and sparks fly; but Marina’s boss’s boyfriend warns her to stay away from Arman and his “connections,” leaving her confused.  When Arman invites Marina to form a team for an elite geocaching event, she can’t pass up the prize money.  As their team’s adventures in Northeastern Pennsylvania unfold, neither Arman or the competition are what they seem and the fates of six strangers depend on Marina, her two best friends and Arman coming in first.

If plucky heroines had their own secret society, Marina Konyeshna, Stephanie Plum and Bridget Jones would all know the handshake. Ranked five stars on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble!  Only 5.99 from Kindle and Nook, with a trade paper edition planned for this fall.

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