Announcing The Hydrocephalus Owner’s Manual

Soon available for the Kindle.
It just might be the most important book you read. Ever.

HydroCover0What, exactly, is hydrocephalus? How is it treated? What is a vp shunt? What are the signs and symptoms of vp shunt failure and when do you need to seek help for yourself or a loved one? What are the common sense tips you can do to minimize the chance of your child having a problem when they are away from home–living in a college dorm, for instance?
If you or a loved one had hydrocephalus and could sit down with a neurosurgeon, what would you want to know?

This is a 6,000 word monograph on hydrocephalus, written by an experienced neurosurgeon FOR THE LAY PATIENT and his/her family. This is an essential guide for those who have hydrocephalus or deal with loved ones with hydrocephalus—a chronic condition in which spinal fluid builds up in the head and does not circulate property. Although the condition can be life-threatening & requires life-long observation, the treatment is generally straight forward and not onerous on a daily basis. The monograph includes information about vp shunts, as well as a mother’s companion and answers to common questions and scenarios.

You can also read it here for free, but it will be easier to read on the Kindle, and more convenient too. And this is the sort of thing you want to have available in a tough moment, when you might want to refer to it on the spot.


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2 thoughts on “Announcing The Hydrocephalus Owner’s Manual

  1. Hello Dr. McDaniels. I tried to use the thumbnail to order your book about Hydrocephalus (I’m a Mom of two children who have shunted Hydrocephalus), and I get the following error message. Is there any other way to purchase this for my kindle? Please advise.

    Looking for something?
    We’re sorry. The Web address you entered is not a functioning page on our site

    • Sorry I took so long to answer. You can download a pdf of the the Hydrocephalus Owner’s Manual from my website if still interested. Thanks.

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