A Top-Notch Story that Allows the Reader to Experience the Civil War

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A Totally Cool Modern Book on Our Country’s History January 23, 2013

By Kimberlee Smith

Format: Kindle Edition

The subject that McDaniels tackles is one that recreational readers might find overwhelming, like watching a Ken Burns documentary. I was not swayed by the historic element nor the specificity of the subject because I’ve been a fan of his work for a while. The novel is magnetic, specific, and maintains a pace that kept me completely drawn in. The author’s knowledge of the subject does not overshadow the ass-kicking storytelling…spare and intense and completely riveting. The depth of the history isn’t highbrow or haughty…there’s a Raymond Carver-like sparse style that allows the reader to dive into a world that we’re really never welcome to. McDaniels allows us to experience it. This is a top-notch story that allows the reader to experience the trauma and raw barbarian world of the civil war. It’s a totally cool, modern book on our country’s history. Loved it.

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