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Blade Man 
What if you were driving a desolate North Dakota highway in a hundred year storm and the only other car on the highway was…wrong? An intense thriller calculated to keep you in suspense. Just 99¢ for the Kindle.





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Juicing Out
A surgeon must make the most difficult cut of his life—or die trying. Go inside the mind of a surgeon—and be shocked out of your wits.





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An Endless Array of Broken Men
An intense study of one surgeon struggling to maintain his sanity amid the chaos and carnage of a battlefield hospital. This is story received honorable mention in the Seventeenth Edition of the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror (2003) after being published in PARADOX Magazine.
It is also the story upon which NOT ONE AMONG THEM WHOLE is based.



Ethnisba —Coming soon
In seventy-eight years of living, Grayson Cairns has been to hell and back.
Today, somebody is going to pay for his trip.


The Value of a Minute —Coming soon
The fate of the world is entrusted to one man—over and over and over again.