The best 11 minutes on LBP

Doc Mike Evans on Low Back Pain

This is an incredible 11 minute video on the etiology of chronic low back pain, as well as the common treatments and some myths. I have found this video to be useful to many of my patients, especially those whom I cannot help with surgery.

Believe it or not, it is considerably easier for me, as a surgeon, to tell somebody they need an operation than to tell them I can’t help them with surgery. This is because surgery usually implies an endpoint to their suffering, while non-operative conservative management (which the video discusses in detail) seems to imply their suffering will never end. This is WRONG, but explaining that to a person who is in the midst of suffering is fraught with pitfalls. Their disappointment is often palpable.

This and other videos by Doc Mike Evans are available on YouTube. Highly recommended.SkeletonBlogVideo